Trisha Yearwood posts make-up free selfie on a 'real' day: 'No glam, no lighting, no filter'

Elena Sheppard
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Trisha Yearwood shared the difference between
Trisha Yearwood shared the difference between "real days" and "dream days". (Photo: Roy Rochlin/WireImage)

After Trisha Yearwood was praised for a glamorous photo, the country star set the record straight with a "real" selfie that highlighted her natural beauty.

The three-time Grammy winner and wife of country singer Garth Brooks shared the makeup-free photo this week, writing on Instagram, "Thanks for all the sweet responses. The selfie I posted earlier was after a photo shoot…I had great lighting, and a filter! It’s important for you to know that I have dream days like that, and I also have really 'real' days like tonight. This is me, after a hard workout with my trainer, no glam, no lighting, no filter. Love you guys!!" In the second image, Yearwood, 56, wore a plain white T-shirt, a headband and a pair of glasses.

"YES! This is awesome. Thank you for posting," commented actress Kimberly Williams Paisley. Country singer Jessi Alexander wrote, "Still gorgeous as ever." Added singer Sunny Sweeney, "And THIS is why you're my hero. But also. You're beautiful AF either way. I love you."

This week, Yearwood described her philosophy on makeup and aging to New Beauty. "Honestly, if I showed up at my local grocery store with makeup right now, my neighbors wouldn’t recognize me!" she said. "I went six months without doing a thing to my hair and it was great—my hair has never looked better."

The "Walkaway Joe" singer, who recently recovered from COVID-19, also shared her best skin secret: Washing her face after performances, a habit she didn't form until age 26.

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On aging in the public eye, Yearwood said, "I look back and see pictures of myself when I was 28 and remember I wasn’t happy with how I looked. As women, we’re so hard on ourselves! We’re never thin enough, we’re never pretty enough, we’re never, whatever, fill in the blank. I look back at the pictures and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, there’s not a line on your face! Why were you so hard on yourself?’ I learned a long time ago that, no matter how I feel about myself, somebody is going to love it, and someone is going to hate it, so I have to base how I feel on how I actually feel about myself—not how someone else feels about me."

But she admires the notion of aging "gracefully" adding, "It doesn’t mean you don’t ever get Botox, it just means that you try to age as naturally as possible, and that’s my goal. I’m at an age where I look at myself and go, ‘Man, I’d like for this to be different and for that to be different,’ but I’m not obsessed with it."

Neither are her fans —as of Saturday afternoon, Yearwood's makeup-free selfie gained 31,000 more likes than her glam shot. But Yearwood is here to remind us that both images count.

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