True Love or True Lies: Who is real and who is FAKE?

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Which True Love or True Lies? couples are lovers, and who are the liars? We had resigned ourselves to the fact that our evenings would be spent scratching our heads, trying to figure this whole thing out. And now we don't have to, as all the couples have finally been exposed.

The brand new MTV reality show kicked off last week, and it seemed to become a hit, taking the 9pm evening slot that's become oh-so-very-empty since the Love Island final.

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True Love or True Lies? is just as fun and just as addictive as its ITV2 counterpart, too, already winning praise for offering diversity – something that was very much lacking in the Love Island villa – and also adding the charm of first-season naivety.

True Love or True Lies: what's it about?

As narrator Danny Dyer so eloquently put it during episode one, the six couples originally thought that they'd signed up for a "bollocky game of love" but, not long after entering the True Love or True Lies? mansion, host Maya Jama revealed that there were liars amongst them.

During the Love Ceremony at the end of each night, every couple must vote for who they think is pulling the wool over everyone's eyes. Of course, half the fun is that we get to play along at home.

So which couples are fake, and which are genuine?

True Love or True Lies: Liv and Louis

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The first new couple to be sent into the mansion, Liv and Louis crashed one of Jack and Luke's dates.

They met at Leeds festival but put each other in the friend zone. They then bumped into each other at a nightclub a few years later and, after some persistence (says Louis) they "got there in the end."

They describe their relationship as "passionate" and "exciting", and seem to be ready to shake things up on the show.

Making it all the way to the FINAL, these two were crowned the winners of the show - but they confessed to being LIARS.

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Liv revealed that Louis' best friend is her ex-boyfriend, while Louis' ex-girlfriend is Liv's best friend, and they all hung out together all the time, which is how they ended up knowing so much about each other.

They walked away with the £90,000 though.

Love or Lies? LIES - they are a fake couple.

True Love or True Lies: Carrie and Mike

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A couple that tans together, stays together. Apparently.

These two met when Mike visited Carrie's tanning shop and then "slid into her DMs." Their first date was in a Japanese restaurant.

Also making it to the final, it was a close call between these two and Liv and Louis.

Love or Lies? LOVE - they are a genuine couple.

True Love or True Lies: Cameron and Shereece

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Cameron is a dancer, dabbling in ballet, and Shereece is a customer sales advisor.

Er, Danny Dyer thought it was important to add that Cameron is also "into all that hippy shit, like dreamcatchers". Right.

Cam and Shereece's first date was in a giant ball pit, and they have been together for one year.

They were the very first couple to have entered the mansion but, as it now turns out, they were lying for the entire time!

Viewers were left in shock when it was revealed that Shereece actually isn't straight, and had only ever met Cameron once before True Love or True Lies when he chatted up her girlfriend in a bar!


Love or Lies? LIES - they are a fake couple.

True Love or True Lies: Tomas, Cathy and Nicole

Photo credit: MTV

Proving that relationships really do come in all different shapes and sizes, MTV introduced a throuple into the True Love or True Lies? mansion.

Catherine (the wife), Nicole (the girlfriend) and Tomas (the husband/boyfriend) are all in a relationship together.

Nicole and Cathy met through work, and they all went on a three-way date. Tomas found he had a strong connection with Nicole, and the rest is history.

They describe their romance as "inspirational" and wish to normalise their situation and the conversation around it.

It seems that their fellow couples had a hard time believing them, and they were voted out.

Love or Lies? LOVE - they are a genuine throuple.

True Love or True Lies: Jack and Luke

Photo credit: MTV

Both dancers, Jack and Luke originally met in India on the set of a film.

They both admitted that their romance wasn't "love at first sight", but now seem as loved-up as the next couple.

Jack and Luke have now been voted out of the competition, and it was revealed that not only had they been faking their relationship but Luke had also been lying about his sexuality.

Love or Lies? LIES - they are a fake couple.

True Love or True Lies: Billy and Nikita

Photo credit: MTV

These two met each other around three years ago through mutual friends. Social media and a night out brought them together.

Billy and Nikita broke up for about a year but then found their way back together again, and Nikita claims that things are "smoother" this time around.

Fellow couples started to grow suspicious, and they were voted out of the mansion.

Love or Lies? LIES - they are a fake couple.

True Love or True Lies: Antoni and Sophie

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"Myself and Sophie argue every single day, every second, every minute, every hour of every day," Antoni said in his VT. Right then.

The second new couple to be thrown into the mansion, Sophie and Antoni first met in a nightclub. They followed each other on Instagram, and the rest is history.

Love or Lies? LOVE - they are a genuine couple.

True Love or True Lies: Chris and Jon

Photo credit: MTV

Chris owns a gym and competes in strongman competitions, while Jon is a mechanic. They met on Grindr and said that it was "love at first sight".

They've been together for six months and already live together. "We know this is going to be for life," says Chris.

After a few apparent slip-ups (Jon couldn't remember the name of one of Chris's sisters - yikes!), they were voted out during episode four's Love Ceremony.

Love or Lies? LOVE - they are a genuine couple.

True Love or True Lies: Dee and Jade

Photo credit: MTV

They're "bad bitches", apparently.

Dee has been described as a social-media influencer, leaving many questioning what her Instagram account is. We believe that this has been kept under wraps, as her page may hold clues as to whether or not Dee and Jade are genuine.

The pair met before Dee's transition, through mutual friends, but they didn't get together romantically until after. They've been together for 18 months.

But viewers thought they had sussed their lies during a live Twitter poll, and Dee and Jade's housemates also decided to send them packing at the end of episode three.

Love or Lies? LIES - they are a fake couple.

True Love or True Lies: Olivia and Dan

Photo credit: MTV

They met when Dan found Olivia on social media and started liking all of her pictures – "like a nutty stalky weirdo", according to Mr. Dyer. His words really are like poetry.

Having been together for two years, they were dubbed the "old timers" by their fellow couples during their initial meeting, but that was before the big twist was dropped.

Seen as "too perfect", True Love or True Lies?'s Barbie and Ken became the first to be voted out.

Love or Lies? LOVE – they are a genuine couple.

True Love or True Lies: Charlie and Eleanor

Photo credit: MTV

MTV's answer to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (apparently), Charlie and Eleanor have been together for ten months.

They also like to match their outfits. "I look good, and then you copy me," Eleanor told him during their introductory video.

With hints of jealousy spilling out during their time on the show, the pair admitted that it plays a role in their relationship. This was just one of the reasons why their fellow couples voted them out at the end of episode two.

Love or Lies? LOVE – they are a genuine couple.

Photo credit: MTV

True Love or True Lies: when is it on?

Starting on Monday, August 6, the brand new reality show is now on every night, except Saturday, on MTV at 9pm.

True Love or True Lies: how can I watch it online?

If you don't have Sky, you can still watch it! The full episodes are available on catch-up on the MTV website.

True Love or True Lies: what is the prize?

The winning couple will get their hands on a cash prize, starting from £50,000.

There's a chance to up the prize money; for every fake couple they uncover and send home, an additional £10,000 could be added to the pot.

True Love or True Lies: when is the final?

The final of True Love or True Lies? airs on August 16 on MTV at 9pm.

True Love or True Lies? continues tonight on MTV at 9pm.

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