Trump Jr. Shares Chinese Balloon Joke That His Dad Might Not Be Too Happy About

Donald Trump Jr. might be getting a call from his dad about this one.

Joining social media buzz over the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down in U.S. airspace Saturday, Donald Trump’s son on Sunday shared a joke about the incident, showing the former president’s infamous portrayal as a giant, angry, diaper-wearing baby wielding a smartphone in its tiny hand.

“Not gonna lie... this is funny,” Trump Jr. tweeted.

The “Trump Baby” blimp, which now lives in the Museum of London, was created for Trump’s 2018 visit to London, when tens of thousands of demonstrators protested his visit to the city.

The 20-foot balloon made several more appearances during his presidency, including at anti-Trump protests in Argentina and in Washington, D.C.

Trump Jr. had waded into the Chinese balloon debate last week with an unusable solution that earned him a roasting on Twitter. As the balloon flew over Montana, he suggested that residents in the state could shoot it down themselves with guns.