Tucker Carlson Shows No Love For 'Lying,' And Twitter Won't Buy It

Fox News host Tucker Carlson vowed to use his show to address “the big theme of the week” ― lying ― and Twitter users cracked that he’s referring to “every episode” of his program.

Carlson, who has owned up to lying in the past and has privately criticized former President Donald Trump despite showing him love on his program, issued a rant about the dangers of fibs during a “special presentation on lying in politics” on Friday.

“At this point, the people in charge seem like they tell the truth only by accident. Occasionally some will say something true and [are] swiftly punished for it ― can’t have that,” said Carlson, who recently “roasted himself” with a remark on lies, according to Meidas Touch, a liberal PAC.

He later described officials’ lies as no “sophisticated deceptions” before comparing them to falsehoods from a child.

“This is your 5-year-old ambling in with frosting on his face to tell you he never touched a birthday cake,” Carlson said.

“Should that make you mad? Of course it should make you mad. But if you’re human, you will also laugh at it. ‘Cake, what cake?’ It’s hilarious. The kid has no idea how ridiculous he is.”

Carlson, later in his show, said lies are eroding faith in the American health care system and took issue with White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s recent remark on House Republicans’ inaccuracies and lies.

“They always accuse you of exactly what they themselves are doing,” he said.

Twitter users tore apart the focus of Carlson’s episode and called him out for being an “expert” on lying.