Tuesday's Morning Email: The Lights Won't Be Back On In Puerto Rico Until December


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SAN JUAN’S MAYOR: IT MAY BE EASY TO DISREGARD PUERTO RICO BECAUSE WE’RE A U.S. COLONY “We will no longer be able to hide our poverty and our inequality with palm trees and piña coladas,” Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto told HuffPost. Thousands are fleeing Puerto Rico, without knowing if they’ll ever return. And the lights will go back on in Puerto Rico by December ― at the earliest. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP CLAIMED FORMER PRESIDENTS DIDN’T CALL THE FAMILIES OF FALLEN SOLDIERS That’s not true. [HuffPost] NORTH KOREA: NUCLEAR WAR ‘MAY BREAK OUT ANY MOMENT’ Lovely. [HuffPost] BOWE BERGDAHL PLEADED GUILTY IN HIS DESERTION CASE The U.S. Army sergeant walked off his base in Afghanistan in 2009 and was captured and held captive by the Taliban. [Reuters] U.S. STRIKES ISIS IN YEMEN FOR THE FIRST TIME Killing dozens of militants with a series of nighttime airstrikes. [Reuters] FORMER GOP REP: ‘WE MIGHT BE BETTER OFF’ IF DEMOCRATS WIN THE HOUSE According to former GOP Rep. David Jolly from Florida. [HuffPost]


THE RAILROAD PUT THIS MONTANA TOWN ON THE MAP “But contaminants have tainted the groundwater under Livingston, now a hub for arts and tourism, for decades.” [HuffPost] MEET THE GOP CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE WHO SAID SHE WAS ABDUCTED BY ALIENS WHO REMINDED HER OF JESUS Seriously. [HuffPost] IMAGINE YOU’RE LOST AND STRANDED IN SCOTLAND And none other than the Hogwarts Express picks you up. That was the Cluett family’s life last week. [HuffPost] DOCTORS WON’T LET THIS FATHER DONATE HIS KIDNEY TO HIS SON Because of his criminal charges. [HuffPost] A LOT OF WOMEN Found out they were wearing their bras wrong. [HuffPost] LONDON’S CALLING For Taylor Swift, who is shooting her latest music video around town. [HuffPost] BEFORE YOU GO

Firefighters are gaining ground on the deadly California blazes. Mitch McConnell and Trump made a joint press conference appearance, causing #FreeMcConnell to trend. McConnell also hit out at rival Steve Bannon at the presser, saying: “Winners make policy, losers go home.” Trump reportedly joked that Vice President Mike Pence “wants to hang” all gays. The cops thought the crumbs from Krispy Kreme donuts were meth, and this man was awarded thousands in a settlement for it. These dating tweets are all.too.real. This puppy crashed a wedding and left with new owners ― the bride and groom. Kevin James opened up about the controversy of killing off his TV wife on “Kevin Can Wait.” The history of the Fruit Roll-Up. An easy reminder of how long you can freeze food. The new Woody Allen movie is not faring well in the reviews. Congrats to Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander, who pulled off a secret wedding.  John McCain denounced “half-baked nationalism” last night. The serious security flaw in Wi-Fi. Could this new technology find the next Harvey Weinstein? The new “Black Panther” trailer understandably has people counting down the days (you have until February). A car bomb has killed a Malta journalist pivotal in the Panama Papers. Maisie Williams had the best reaction to Sophie Turner’s engagement news. We are very creeped out by what Hamburger Helper revealed is inside that infamous glove. Fish depression is real. Your new favorite conspiracy theory involves the 2014 Ariana Grande album cover. And this giant clock is counting down the hours until the end of the president’s term.

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