Twitter Suspends Actress Rose McGowan's Account

Rebecca Shapiro
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Rose McGowan Returns To Twitter After Suspension

Rose McGowan is back on Twitter after she posted a message to Instagram late Wednesday saying that the company had suspended her account.

Rose McGowan posted a message to Instagram late Wednesday saying that Twitter had suspended her account. 


McGowan has been a vocal critic of film producer Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of sexually harassing and assaulting multiple women, including McGowan. She settled a lawsuit against Weinstein in 1997 after an incident in a hotel room at the Sundance Film Festival, The New York Times reported.

McGowan included a screenshot of her Twitter account page with a message from the company. The notice said that Twitter determined McGowan’s account had violated the Twitter rules, she said. She was suspended from sending tweets, retweets and liking messages, though her account remained visible to users. In order to begin the 12-hour suspension, the message told her to delete tweets that violated the company’s rules.

On its website, Twitter notes that it may temporarily lock accounts engaging in “abusive behavior.” 

“In order to ensure that people feel safe expressing diverse opinions and beliefs, we do not tolerate behavior that crosses the line into abuse, including behavior that harasses, intimidates, or uses fear to silence another user’s voice,” the website states. 


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In addition to criticizing Weinstein, McGowan has used Twitter to slam individuals, including actor Ben Affleck, who she said knew of Weinstein’s behavior but failed to act. She also started a petition calling for the entire board of Weinstein’s production company to resign.

It’s unclear which of McGowan’s tweets Twitter identified as violating its rules. The company did not respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.   

Folks were quick to slam the social media network for the suspension:

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