Two children dead and 20 injured after bus crash in Germany

Two children are thought to have died when a school bus crashed in Berka vor dem Hainich, near Eisenach, Germany (dpa via AP)

Two children are thought to have died and around 20 others injured after a school bus slid off a road into a ditch in Germany.

The bus reportedly crashed in thick fog near Eisenach in the state of Thuringia at about 7.30am on Thursday morning.

Police said several children were seriously injured after the bus slid down a slope into a stream.

More information was expected to be released in a press conference later on Thursday morning.

Thuringia's prime minister Bodo Ramelow wrote on Twitter: “The news of the tragic school bus accident in Berka / Hainich reaches me with great dismay.


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“There are two dead school children and I mourn with the parents and relatives.

“I wish the injured a speedy recovery and we want to assist the parents.”

The bus is believed to have been travelling from Eisenach to Berka when it slid on slippery roads.

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