U.S. Tourist Dies After Tour Boat Sinks in the Bahamas

Gagliardi Giovanni/Getty
Gagliardi Giovanni/Getty

A 75-year-old U.S. tourist died after a ship carrying over 100 people sank in the Bahamas while on the way to Blue Lagoon Island on Tuesday, police said. The AP reported that the rest of the passengers and crew were rescued, while two other people were transported to a facility for medical attention. It wasn’t immediately clear how the individual died, but police said that the woman was found unresponsive as they were helping people out of the water. She was given CPR but was later declared dead. Video of the incident reviewed by the New York Post shows tourists in life jackets holding onto the ferry as it begins to tilt over choppy waters before eventually jumping overboard. One of the tourists, Kelly Schissel, discussed the situation on TikTok, saying that some crew members were panicking. “We were waiting for the staff to direct us on what to do, and they didn’t.”

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