Uber and Airbnb added to consumer index

Uber and Airbnb are changing the way New Zealanders use technology - with the consumers price index (CPI) having to keep up with changing trends and adding what's now known as the sharing economy to its basket.

To keep up with changing times, in-car satellite navigation systems, which were introduced in 2008, have been removed from the CPI, along with DVDs and Blu-ray discs, according to Stats NZ.

MP3 players were popular in 2006, but in 2018 they've dropped off the CPI along with external computer drivers.

The sharing economy, which includes ride and house sharing businesses such as Uber and Airbnb, has been added to the CPI to keep it relevant, prices senior manager Jason Attewell says.

Meanwhile, items such as headphones and cellphone cases have been added to the CPI basket as part of its latest review.

"The CPI basket is really a reflection of New Zealand society and how it has changed over time," Mr Attewell said.

"We added the electric lightbulb to the basket in the 1920s, televisions and record players in the 1960s, microwaves and car stereos in the 1980s, and MP3 players and digital cameras in the 2000s - as these items go out of fashion they are removed from the basket."

Housing and food remain the most important items in the basket, accounting for almost half of people's spending, while craft beer and massages join the inflation brew.

"New Zealand used to be called a country of rugby, racing, and beer - but spending patterns are changing and Kiwis are increasingly keen on craft beer, body massages at beauty spas, and football club memberships," Mr Attewell said.