Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin admits 2019-20 season could be 'lost' and voided due to coronavirus

Mark Critchley
Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah: AFP via Getty Images

Aleksander Ceferin, the Uefa president, has admitted that the current football season could be “lost” if it is not restarted by the end of June.

The vast majority of leagues across Europe were suspended recently due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the majority of Premier League clubs having nine games left to play.

At a recent Uefa meeting between relevant stakeholders, European leagues agreed to aim to complete their domestic seasons by 30 June.

And Ceferin believes that if football has not at least returned by that date, there is a possibility that the 2019-20 season will be wiped from the record books.

“If we don’t succeed in restarting, the season will probably be lost,” he told La Repubblica.

“There is a plan A, B and C. The three options are to start again in mid-May, in June or at the end of June.

“There is also the possibility of starting again at the beginning of the next [season], starting the following one later. We will see the best solution for leagues and clubs.”

In the Premier League, clubs are debating whether it is safe to finish the campaign by playing games behind close doors, which would help avoid costly legal challenges from broadcasters.

Ceferin believes holding matches without supporters is one option on the table to a number of leagues in Europe.

“It’s hard for me to imagine all the matches behind closed doors, but we still don’t know whether we’ll resume, with or without spectators,” he said. “If there was no alternative, it would be better to finish the championships.”

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