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The UK cities with the cheapest cinema tickets revealed

Tickets to the cinema can be as low as £7

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The cities with the cheapest UK cinema tickets have been revealed (Getty)

The cinema is the perfect place to sit back, relax and be swept away into a new world thanks to the magic of the movies, but sometimes it can be a costly outing.

For those in big cities, particularly London, a trip to the cinema might cost too much to be a regular night out, particularly during the cost of living crisis.

But, a new study has revealed which locations have the cheapest cinema tickets and since there are a number of exciting films still to come in 2023 like The Marvels and Wonka some people might be looking for the best locations to watch movies cheaply.

Here is everything you need to know.

The UK cities with the cheapest cinema tickets revealed

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The cheapest cinema tickets range from £7 and £11 (Getty).

Credit card company Aqua has conducted an investigation into the average price of one cinema ticket, analysing data from 30 of the UK's most populated cities in order to reveal which offer the cheapest tickets for cinema goers.

Kingston Upon Hull was named the city with the cheapest cinema ticket, with prices coming to an average of £7.63 per ticket. Newport comes in a close second with tickets coming to £8.00 on average.

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The company has also compiled a list of the most expensive cities to watch films on average, with London coming in first place unsurprisingly with tickets costing an average of £15.

A number of cities share the fourth and fifth spots on the list, with cinema tickets in Birmingham and Sheffield averaging £12.72 while cities like Liverpool and Edinburgh have a slightly cheaper average cost of £12.71 per ticket.

Here are the UK cities with the cheapest cinema tickets:

1. Kingston Upon Hull: £7.63

2. Newport: £8.00

3. Reading: £8.24

4. Cardiff: £8.69

5. Swansea: £8.90

=6. Bradford: £9.00

=6. Blackpool: £9.00

7. Sunderland: £9.50

=8. Stoke-on-Trent: £10.00

=8. Southend-on-Sea: £10.00

=8. Derby: £10.00

9. Bristol: £10.47

10. Belfast: £11.44

Here are the UK cities with the most expensive cinema tickets:

1. London: £15

2. Wolverhampton: £14.20

3. Coventry: £13.98

=4. Birmingham: £12.72

=4. Sheffield: £12.72

=5. Liverpool: £12.71

=5. Leicester: £12.71

=5. Edinburgh: £12.71

Of course cinema ticket prices can depend on the cinema itself, as prices usually differ between big chains like Odeon and Vue, and independent cinema chains like Curzon and Everyman cinemas.

These brands also offer membership deals for frequent visitors who wish to save money, and buying one of these can let people enjoy the cinema at a more reasonable rate.

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Sharvan Selvam, Commercial Director at Aqua says, “No matter where you live, a trip to the cinema, as we were reminded recently with Barbenheimer, can be pretty pricey. But, there are a few simple steps movie-lovers can take to keep costs down, while still enjoying new films on the silver screen.

“Lots of cinemas offer deals on tickets, so have a look on their websites before booking, and take advantage of things like Groupon deals or Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

"Most cinemas offer discounted tickets for kids and seniors too, so do your research ahead of time to ensure you’re getting the best price.”

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