Ukraine could respond in kind to Russian attacks on its energy infrastructure

Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko
Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko

If Russia succeeds in attacking Ukrainian energy infrastructure again this winter, Ukraine will consider returning the favor in kind by attacking Russia’s oil and gas infrastructure, Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko stated on Nov. 10.

"It would be fair. In response (to Russian attacks - ed.), we would respond in the same way - attacks on their energy infrastructure," he said.

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Halushchenko disagreed with the idea that attacks on Russian oil and gas infrastructure would cause a surge in prices.

"Attacks on infrastructure would not be so critical for prices, especially when it comes to gas and oil. I mean the types of fuel that could be bought not only from Russia. I am confident that the world could cope.”

Russian forces attacked Ukrainian energy infrastructure objects 60 times over the past few weeks, Halushchenko reported on Nov. 8.

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Russian forces could begin shelling Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure with the onset of cold weather, Ukraine’s Operational Command South spokesperson, Natalia Humeniuk, stated on Nov. 7.

Ukraine will implement systems to protect critical infrastructure from Russian strikes, including air defense systems and other “systems that we will not talk about.”

The Ukrainian government supported the creation of a coordination headquarters for operational response and ensuring normal living conditions for the population. The headquarters will respond to shelling and coordinate the elimination of consequences.

Since October 2022, Russia has been actively launching massive missile strikes on Ukraine's energy infrastructure. Over several months, Ukraine experienced over 10 waves of massive Russian shelling, with the enemy using dozens of missiles of various types and ranges.

Due to the power deficit in the energy system, the Energy Ministry had to resort to power outages for consumers. Despite a difficult winter for Ukrainians, Russia could not achieve its goal - to cause a complete blackout in Ukraine.

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