Ukraine faces rolling blackouts due to chronic power shortage and imports – YASNO

Rolling blackouts are expected in Ukraine on May 16 evening
Rolling blackouts are expected in Ukraine on May 16 evening

The situation in Ukraine's power system is more complicated than expected, forcing the national power company NPC Ukrenergo to adjust power consumption limits several times during the night, Serhii Kovalenko, CEO of the energy company YASNO, reported on Facebook on May 16.

“We chronically lack generation and imports for the current level of consumption,” he wrote.

While the blackouts have been temporarily canceled in Kyiv and Dnipro oblasts, the rolling blackouts are expected to resume in the evening, hopefully in accordance with the schedules.

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"We lost 8 GW of generating and maneuvering capacity after the Russian attacks on thermal and hydroelectric power plants," Kovalenko said earlier, noting the inevitability of power outages across Ukraine.

On May 14, controlled emergency power outages were implemented for industrial and household consumers in all regions of Ukraine due to a significant electricity shortage, and continue to stay in place during peak hours from 5:00 p.m. to midnight.

In recent months, Russia’s missile strikes have damaged or destroyed much of Ukraine’s power generation facilities. The electricity deficit has become so large that even imports from the EU do not cover the shortfall.

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