Ukraine needs more freedom in using US weapons against Russia, says speaker Johnson

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson

The current authorization for Ukrainian forces to use U.S. weapons on Russian territory is insufficient to adequately conduct the war, House Speaker Mike Johnson said on June 5.

According to a report by Voice of America, Johnson stated that Washington should stop "micro-managing military efforts in Ukraine." The speaker added that he plans to raise this issue in conversations with the White House.

"I have spoken about this before, and I will speak about it again; we will have discussions with the White House on this matter," he said.

On May 31, The New York Times, citing unnamed White House officials, reported that U.S. President Joe Biden, under pressure from his advisors and key allies, allowed Ukraine to conduct limited strikes on Russian territory with U.S.-made weapons.

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National Security Council spokesman Michael Carpenter told Voice of America that the United States allowed Ukraine to strike Russian territory not only to defend Kharkiv from Russian attacks but also to protect other Ukrainian regions.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the "green light" from Washington does not include the use of ATACMS ballistic missiles on Russian territory.

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