Ukraine pays unemployed $300 monthly for national reconstruction

Reconstruction Army
Reconstruction Army

Unemployed Ukrainians are receiving monthly payments of 12,000 UAH (around $300) as part of the Reconstruction Army project, Ukraine's Economy Ministry reported on May 28.

"We launched the Reconstruction Army project in the fall of 2022 to provide financial support to those temporarily out of work and engage them in rebuilding the country," said Ukraine's Deputy Economy Minister, Tetyana Berezhna.

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"People can participate in socially beneficial work and receive compensation higher than the average unemployment benefits. Overall, participants in the Reconstruction Army have collectively earned nearly 1 billion UAH ($24,7 million) for performing socially beneficial work. Notably, many have received job offers and transitioned to permanent employment."

Tasks assigned vary by region, determined by local needs and identified by military and administrative authorities. Employment services then offer these tasks to registered unemployed individuals, who sign fixed-term contracts for the duration of the work.

Compensation is calculated based on hours worked, with a minimum of 12,000 UAH ($300) guaranteed for a full month's work.

Common tasks include:

  • Providing assistance to citizens affected by military actions

  • Handling and distributing humanitarian aid

  • Offering social services to internally displaced persons (IDPs) and providing direct aid

  • Weaving camouflage nets, preserving food for the military, repairing equipment, and sewing clothes

  • Assisting in the care of wounded soldiers in medical facilities

  • Clearing debris, restoring residential buildings and facilities, and clearing railways and roads damaged by military actions

  • Setting up and reinforcing checkpoints and preparing basements as shelters

Participation and active regions

Since the Reconstruction Army project began, 135,000 assignments have been issued to temporarily unemployed Ukrainians for socially beneficial work in rebuilding the country.

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Currently, 19 Ukrainian regions are actively participating in the project, with notable engagement in:

  • Kharkiv Oblast – 23,850 assignments

  • Donetsk Oblast – 16,300 assignments

  • Kyiv Oblast – 15,000 assignments

  • Chernihiv Oblast – 14,800 assignments

  • Poltava Oblast – 14,500 assignments

Ukraine's National Bank forecasts a reduction in the unemployment rate to 14.2% by 2024, down from 18.2% in the previous year, attributed to a rising demand for labor amid limited supply.

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