Ukraine sinks Russian missile ship Tsiklon in occupied Crimea

Russian missile ship Tsiklon
Russian missile ship Tsiklon

The Ukrainian Armed Forces hit the Russian missile ship Tsiklon in temporarily occupied Sevastopol in the early hours of May 19, the General Staff reported on Facebook on May 21.

The spokesman for the Southern Defense Forces, Dmytro Pletenchuk, said on May 20 that the Ukrainian military may have destroyed the Russian missile ship Tsiklon in Crimea, which was allegedly the last cruise missile carrier in Crimea.

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The destruction of the Tsiklon should give the Ukrainian Armed Forces more time to respond to Russian attacks.

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The pro-Ukrainian monitoring Telegram channel Crimean Wind also reported that the Tsiklon ship had disappeared after the Ukrainian attack on May 19, suggesting that the small missile ship was hit.

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces also destroyed a 266-M Kovrovets project minesweeper of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on May 19.

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In over two years of full-scale war, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have sunk or disabled a third of the Russian Black Sea Fleet's vessels.

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