Ukraine's recruitment center denounces fake news on soldier 'reinforcement'

TRC workers
TRC workers

The circulating social media reports about the alleged "reinforcement" of the Territorial Recruitment Center (TRC) in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast by servicemen from other Ukrainian oblasts are fake, the TRC reported on Facebook on May 17.

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Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers are supposedly being deployed there, with the number continuously increasing, according to these reports.

The TRC officially stated that this information is false and originates from Russian propaganda resources, which seek to disseminate falsehoods as part of their psychological operation (psyop) to discredit the TRC system and the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"There are no deployments of personnel from other TRCs in Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, and other oblasts within the area of responsibility, and no such plans exist," the statement said.

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Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) earlier reported that Russia is escalating destabilization efforts in tandem with the intensification of the situation on the front lines and cautioned about the emergence of hostile psyops.

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