Ukrainian Air Force exposes strategy of Russian overnight attacks

Russian attack on Vinnytsia Oblast
Russian attack on Vinnytsia Oblast

Russian troops executed another combined overnight attack on Ukraine, using a "classic scheme," according to Air Force spokesman Illya Yevlash during a national television appearance on May 26.

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The offensive began with the launch of Shahed drones, followed by "more serious" weapons. "There were launches of their [Russian] strategic bomber missiles Kh-101, Kh-555 from Saratov Oblast," Yevlash explained.

"Then they simultaneously struck with Kinzhals from the territory of Tambov Oblast."

The Russian military is now accumulating missiles for future attacks, Yevlash added.

"Lately, Russians have been using their S-300 air defense systems to hit the frontline areas," Yevlash noted. "We saw yesterday's terrible attack on one of the shopping centers in Kharkiv Oblast, which resulted in the deaths of civilians."

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The attack, which took place overnight on May 24-25, involved drones, cruise missiles, and Kinzhals. Explosions were reported in several oblasts, missiles reached the western regions, and a residential building was struck in Vinnytsia Oblast.

In response to Russia's large-scale combined attack, the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces reported that its aircraft had been deployed.

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