Ukrainian commander slams German Chancellor for opposing strikes on Russian territory

Olaf Scholz
Olaf Scholz

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz's opposition to Ukraine using Western weapons to strike Russian territory was sharply criticized by Maxim Zhorin, Deputy Commander of Ukraine's Third Assault Brigade, on Telegram on May 26.

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"Hitting 'Epicenter' (Kharkiv's mall) with glide bombs in the middle of a weekend, with hundreds of visitors, is not considered a big war yet," Zhorin said.

"But responding with strikes on Russian territory is an 'escalation.'"

The war in Ukraine has long been "so big that it can hardly get any bigger," he said.

"Only nuclear weapons remain, but considering the scale of the shelling of Ukrainian cities, tactical nuclear weapons wouldn’t be much of a catastrophe," Zhorin added.

The weakness of the West is not surprising, the Deputy Commander said, as they are still trying to play by some rules with the aggressor, while Russia "has disregarded all possible rules and the West itself."

"They have identified their allies and are working with them very effectively," Zhorin said.

"The opinion of Scholz or anyone else there doesn’t matter."

Ukraine establishes its own military production, it will be "completely dependent on its allies with their inferiority complexes," he said.

Scholz stated he opposes Ukraine using Western weapons to strike Russian territory, aiming "to prevent the conflict from escalating into a big war."

Ukraine has been asking its partners for long-range weapons to strike targets deep inside Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory.

Some countries have already taken this step: the UK and France have transferred Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

Germany, which has about 600 Taurus cruise missiles, has hesitated.

Berlin is not refusing to provide Taurus missiles to Ukraine but isn’t ready to do so at the moment, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said in September 2023.

The reason could be Scholz's wavering, who has expressed concerns that Kyiv could use the weapons to attack Russian territory.

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