Ukrainian drones hit Russian radar station from 1,800km away

Voronezh M radar station
Voronezh M radar station

Ukrainian military intelligence has successfully used drones to target the Voronezh M long-range radar station in Orsk, Orenburg Oblast, Russia, marking a record-breaking distance of 1,800 km from the Ukrainian border.

Valery Romanenko, a leading researcher at the State Aviation Museum and an aviation expert, discussed the strike on Radio NV. "I am not sure about the exact type of drone used, as it covered an unusually long distance. It's possible that local partisans were involved," he stated.

Romanenko also chose to withhold further speculation until more information becomes available. "I don't even want to make assumptions until there are official reports," he added.

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He explained the strategic significance of the targeted radar: "These radar stations are crucial for warning of mass missile launches," Romanenko noted. "Disabling them impacts the Russian anti-missile defense system's ability to monitor and respond to missile threats."

This attack coincides with recent activities reported on May 26 by Russian Telegram channels, which included a "downed" Ukrainian drone near Orsk, believed to have been aiming at a military installation.

Despite these incidents, Russian officials have maintained that there have been no casualties or significant infrastructure damage.

A source within Ukrainian intelligence confirmed to NV that the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine (HUR) played a role in the operation. This ongoing strategy aims to diminish Russian capabilities in aerospace monitoring and defense.

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