Ukrainian diplomatic mission urges against politicizing alleged explosives shipment

Flag of Georgia
Flag of Georgia

The Embassy of Ukraine in Tbilisi is checking the data of the Georgian special services regarding the cargo with explosives that was allegedly transported from Odesa to Voronezh, Russia, they reported on Facebook on Feb. 6.

The diplomats said they are checking all the circumstances, including reports of Ukrainian citizens’ involvement in illegal activities.

“The embassy expects the Georgian side to refrain from politicizing this case,” the embassy said.

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The diplomatic mission is ready for “constructive interaction” with law enforcement and other Georgian authorities to “objectively” clarify all the circumstances of the case and “identify the real organizers.”

On Feb. 5, the State Security Service of Georgia (SSSG) announced that it had detained a cargo with six explosive devices being transported from Odesa.

Some of them were intended for delivery to Voronezh, Russia. The explosives were allegedly transported through Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey in a minibus belonging to a Ukrainian citizen.

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According to SSSG, the case involves seven Georgians, three Ukrainians and two Armenians.

It is claimed that the total weight of the explosives is 14 kilograms. They were installed in car batteries and filled with military-grade C-4 explosives.

According to the service, all six devices were made by a professional and “designed for a wide range of destruction.”

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