Ukrainian HUR hackers wage invisible war against Russia with over 50 cyber operations conducted

Ukrainian intelligence has already conducted more than 50 significant cyber operations
Ukrainian intelligence has already conducted more than 50 significant cyber operations

Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence (HUR) told NV about the main features of the invisible hacker war against Russia, which is taking place on the Internet.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Ukrainian military intelligence specialists have conducted more than 50 cyber operations in Russia. At the same time, the Russians are very poorly defending themselves against such virtual attacks, HUR told NV on June 11.

There are several types of cyber operations conducted by the military intelligence group.

The first ones are aimed at finding and obtaining classified information about the enemy's forces and means, their location and the number of personnel and equipment. Hackers are also interested in the military-industrial complex of the aggressor state, as data on them helps to understand Russia’s capabilities to produce military products and supply them to the occupation army.

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As of now, Ukrainian hackers have secretly seized several terabytes of data about the enemy, according to military intelligence. They are being accumulated, analyzed and used by HUR, SBU security service and the Armed Forces "to defeat the enemy."

Military intelligence specialists are also engaged in other types of cyber operations aimed at damaging and destroying enemy equipment to transmit information or to support the financial and economic activities of individual institutions or companies.

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The HUR group conducts three to four cyber operations a month, depending on the results of the search and further investigation of targets.

The most common option for protecting the Russians from the actions of HUR hackers is the so-called "geoblock," which is the physical disconnection of equipment from the global network. But even this "switching to Cheburnet", Russia’s version of the World Wide Web, does not help the enemy, the military intelligence said.

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