Ukrainian pilot training on Swedish ASC 890 AEW&C aircraft may already be completed in secret — expert

ASC 890 plane
ASC 890 plane

Sweden’s 16th and largest military aid package includes an ASC 890 radar reconnaissance and control aircraft, a military expert and former SBU officer Ivan Stupak explained how Ukraine can use it on Radio NV on May 29.

“I'm not an aviation expert, but in any case, an aircraft that can help our military detect threats in the air from Russia (missiles, airplanes, helicopters) will be a plus for us," Stupak said.

"Such an aircraft was received for a reason. Most likely, there was a request from the Ukrainian side. And I expect we will get it in the near future."

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He also added that there is the need to train the crew. At the same time, he suggests that Ukrainians could have already undergone it “under cover.”

The new Swedish aid package also includes armored vehicles and other weapons worth SEK 13 billion (about $1.23 billion).

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In total, Sweden donated 43.5 billion Swedish kron (about $4.1 billion) in aid to Ukraine, report said. Recently, government approved a long-term program to continue military support for Ukraine amounting 75 billion Swedish kron ($7 billion), distributed over 2024-2026.

In March 2024, Defense Minister Paul Johnson said that Sweden did not rule out possibility of supplying Ukraine with its Gripen fighter jets. But on May 28, Jonson said that the country suspended plans to transfer Gripen to ease adaptation of F-16.

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Sweden also supports sending troops to Ukraine if such a proposal appears at the level of NATO member states.

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