Ukrainian SBGS: Do Russian flight exercises in Belarus threaten Ukraine?

Russian helicopters in Belarus
Russian helicopters in Belarus

Ukrainian intelligence officers are monitoring exercises in Belarus to determine if they pose a threat to Ukraine, said Andriy Demchenko, spokesman for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS), on national TV on May 28.

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“No actions against Ukraine have been recorded on the border with Belarus recently," Demchenko said.

"Russia does not have any ground units there that could pose a threat to Ukraine."

According to him, a certain number of Russian troops remain on the territory of Belarus, but they are mostly service personnel or logistics units.

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Intelligence units of the Defense Ministry and State Border Guard Service are monitoring what is happening in Belarus, including exercises. Ukraine is monitoring this “to understand how much they can pose a threat to Ukraine.”

Currently, border guards do not see any changes in the situation, Demchenko said.

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Telegram channel Belarusian Gayun on May 27 reported that six more Russian helicopters arrived at the Belarusian airfield Baranovichi.

Belarusian Gayun added that there is currently no information on Russian official resources about the exercises.

Center for Countering Disinformation on May 28 reported that Russia is planning to intensify information and psychological operations (PSYOP) aimed at spreading information about alleged opening of a second front from Belarusian territory.

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