Ukrainian soldiers will soon get their own Army+ mobile app to ease reporting and communication

Ukrainian soldier is preparing to fire at Russian positions from M777 howitzer in Donetsk Oblast frontline, May 1, 2024
Ukrainian soldier is preparing to fire at Russian positions from M777 howitzer in Donetsk Oblast frontline, May 1, 2024

Ukrainian soldiers should not install the Reserve+ app as a separate Army+ app will be developed, Defense Ministry spokesperson, Dmytro Lazutkin told Radio NV.

This will help prevent the overload of the Reserve+ application, he added.

"The Army+ application will soon be launched for Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel and it will have the options that soldiers need,” Lazutkin said.

“This also applies to document management - it is being worked out now."

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Army+ application development

Defense Ministry IT specialists, together with the Digital Ministry plan to launch the Army+ mobile application this summer, it was reported in March.

The new application will become a digital solution to frequent complaints about onerous paperwork and reporting received from soldiers, Defense Minister Rustem Umerov announced.

Soldiers' needs were considered in the app's creation, including using focus groups to test the app's UX research framework, Digital Development Deputy Minister, Kateryna Chernohorenko, told NV Business.

The key function is the military ID; that is, a soldier's electronic ID card. It will also be the key to digital weapons, including situational awareness systems and additional intelligence for combat missions.

The application also serves as an electronic report – including appeals to the commander. Instead of the time-consuming process of filling out a paper application, soldiers can now make an electronic report in a few clicks. The Defense Ministry has also included a feedback function.

Soldiers will be able to send any request through the Army+ app, They will be able to provide feedback on service, register their complaints, or share their ideas, Umerov said.

The Defense Ministry plans to conduct surveys through the app to make management decisions, Chernohorenko added.

The creation of the military's Army+ app was announced by Umerov on Feb. 21. Developers hope to digitize "everything - as much as possible,” he said.

The application should have report templates that can be signed and sent "in a few click," he said at the time.

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