Ukrhydroenergo crisis alert: International inaction fuels Ukraine’s energy problems

Bohdan Sukhetskyi, Deputy CEO for Commercial Activities at Ukrhydroenergo, spoke about the situation in the energy sector
Bohdan Sukhetskyi, Deputy CEO for Commercial Activities at Ukrhydroenergo, spoke about the situation in the energy sector

The tragedy with the Kakhovka HPP and the weak reaction of the world community to it was a signal to Russia that it could go further, Bohdan Sukhetskyi, Deputy CEO of Ukrhydroenergo for Commercial Activities, said on May 28, according to NV Business.

The official voiced this opinion during the presentation of the document Summer Outlooks: Assessment of Risk Preparedness in the Electricity and Gas Sector, which was released by the DiXi Group analytical center.

The current strikes on generation facilities are the result of the destruction of the Kakhovka HPP dam by the Russians in early summer 2023, said Sukhetskyi.

"The tragedy with the Kakhovka HPP is a signal to the aggressor that it can go further, because there was no adequate response from the international community," he stated.

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"This is exactly what happened in the spring of 2024, when several hydroelectric power plants, including Dnipro HPP, were attacked with missiles during the floods," the NV Business article reads.

“Because of this, Ukrhydroenergo has undergone large-scale changes. For example, there is no long-term planning and balancing throughout the company's system.”

"The system needs energy, so we work," is how the top manager described the current activities. He also quoted Ukrhydroenergo CEO Ihor Syrota: "We have moved from a development strategy to a strategy of continuous recovery."

"Power engineers are not a magic wand," Sukhetskyi added, so there will be no miracle, and all Ukrainians should prepare for winter as consciously as possible.

As a result of a Russian missile strike on April 11, 2024, the Trypillia TPP in Kyiv Oblast was completely destroyed.

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Centrenergo lost 100% of its generation after the destruction of Trypillia TPP.

Dnipro HPP lost both power plants in March 2024. The dam held, but the equipment was destroyed, and it may take years to restore Dnipro HPP.

In Kharkiv, CHPP-5 was destroyed, and restoring it is like building a new one, which will also take several years.

Another plant in Kharkiv Oblast, Zmiyiv TPP (part of Centrenergo) was also destroyed.

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DTEK Group, owned by Rinat Akhmetov, said it had lost 80% of its generation.

All power units at Burshtyn and Ladyzhyn TPPs were damaged.

Gas storage facilities in western Ukraine were also damaged.

Two hydroelectric power plants were decommissioned as of May 9, 2024.

Controlled emergency blackouts were introduced in all regions of Ukraine on May 14, 2024.

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