UK's 'longest-serving bus driver' has no plans to retire at 76

The UK's "longest-serving bus driver" has said he has no plans to retire.

Kenny Beckers, 76, from Sandfields in Port Talbot has spent nearly six decades as a driver.

The Swansea-born grandfather started out as a bus conductor at the age of 18, before he became a driver when he was legally allowed to after turning 21 in November 1969.

Mr Beckers now works for First Bus and is the company's longest-serving member of staff.

The company estimates he has transported around seven million customers and clocked up approximately 800,000 miles throughout his career.

Now in semi-retirement, Mr Beckers and his wife have four children and eight grandchildren.

But he is still behind the wheel two days a week.

When he started out in the 1960s, Mr Beckers worked six days a week and was paid the equivalent of £38 per month.


Some of his fondest memories are of picking up the Swansea football team on the way to their training ground.

During that time, he said the bus industry was reminiscent of ITV sitcom On The Buses.

"I also remember we had double-deckers back [in the 1980s], but passengers were only allowed to smoke on the top deck," he said.

"Upstairs was like a mist. All the factory girls and everybody else was up there smoking, it was unbelievable."

His lengthy career in the industry is down to his supportive wife, Linda, according to Mr Beckers.

He said she played an "important role" as she was "often left to look after our four children alone".

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"Once my body feels like enough is enough then I'll give up, but I don't like putting a time on things," he added.

"I've seen people put times on stuff, and then everything goes haywire for a time. I don't want to put a date on it.

"In all my years working I've never really thought about giving up the job, and I can honestly say I've never had that moment of 'I've had enough, I'm off'. So long as I feel good and my health's good, then I'll keep going."