Ulrika Jonsson felt 'repulsive' during sexless marriage

Ulrika Jonsson felt "repulsive" during her sexless marriage.

The 52-year-old television presenter admitted she became "quite insecure" about herself during her marriage to Brian Monet as she claimed they only got intimate once in eight years.

She said: "It had a really detrimental effect on me. I started disliking myself; my body; I felt repulsive and started shutting myself off physically and psychologically. I became quite insecure about myself. I think intimacy is crucial. We all know that as relationships mature, sex is no longer the swinging from the chandeliers stuff and I've always found that settled stage quite reassuring. But there has to be some intimacy in a relationship in order to sustain it. Unless it's by prior agreement or someone is not well enough, obviously. I thought I could live without it. But after years of trying to, I think I realised that it is such a fundamental human need - just having that closeness with someone. I think there's nothing better."

And when it comes to a new romance, Ulrika is looking for "a lot of laughs" as well as "intimacy" and "fun".

She added: "I want a lot of laughs. I want good food. Intimacy. Kindness and fun. Is that being too demanding? It's probably what everyone wants."

Ulrika is enjoying dating but admits it was "utterly terrifying" at first.

She told Metro.co.uk: "I did have a date before I joined [a dating app] which was utterly terrifying but ultimately quite enjoyable once I'd got over all the hang-ups of being an out-of-practice 52-year old."