The ultimate sign Kate has the Queen’s approval

Kristine Tarbert

If you’ve ever borrowed a piece of jewellery from your grandmother on your wedding day for example, you know how special that can be.

Now imagine your grandma was the Queen, and the piece a family heirloom worth more than your car.

The Queen has given Kate the ultimate seal of approval. Photo: Getty

Well the Queen has basically given Kate Middleton her biggest seal of approval yet by giving her a diamond-encrusted bracelet, which once belonged to her own mother.

The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing the piece at the Anna Freud Centre gala dinner last week.

The Duchess was wearing the diamond bracelet last week. Photo: Getty

It’s believed the Diamond Quatrefoil Bracelet was been given to her by the 91-year-old monarch, from her personal collection.

But it was originally the Queen’s mothers, and was said to be inherited by her after her death in 2002.

The Queen has been seen wearing the piece at big events such as the opening of the State Parliament in 2010.

The Queen here is wearing the bracelet in parliament. Photo: Getty

At the same event, Kate was also believed to have been wearing a pair of earrings on loan from the Queen.

And it’s no secret that Kate loves wearing items that once belonged to Princess Diana as well, these pieces no doubt proving to be extra sentimental.

Kate was wearing a pair of earrings from the Queen as well. Photo: Getty

Kate rarely wears a tiara, but when she does, it’s always the same one: the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, which was one of Diana’s favourite pieces.

And of course there is the beautiful sapphire engagement ring, which William chose to propose to Kate with in 2010 in a sweet tribute to his mother.

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