The Ultimatum's Lisa And Brian: are they still together?

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Are The Ultimatum's Lisa and Brian still together?Netflix

OK, so if you've watched Netflix's The Ultimatum, you'll know that it's drama to its very core. For some context, it follows a group of couples who are either on the brink of getting engaged or ready to call it a day. In each relationship, one person in the couple issues a marriage ultimatum. Which, in a nutshell, is either 'marry me or see ya later.'

While the show is renowned for providing its viewers with *plenty* of 'oohs,' 'ahhs' and gasps, season two has proven to be even more dramatic than usual. Notably thanks to contestants Brian Okoye and Lisa Horne. And for those now majorly invested in the couple, let's find out if they're still together...

Who are Lisa and Brian?

First things first, let's give you a bit of background. As per Netflix, Brian is a 29-year-old financial analyst and Lisa is a 32-year-old vice president of clinical services. According to the couple, their relationship started out as a casual fling, but after six months, Lisa wanted to take it to the next level. So, she told him he'd either have to commit or they'd break up.

During the show, Lisa explains that she's ready to settle down, and tells Brian that she wants him to propose. However, Brian says that he's "hesitant to pop the question due to Lisa’s jealousy issues and her tendency to turn disagreements into explosive arguments."

Are Lisa and Brian still together?

Despite the drama the two brought to the show (namely Brian flirting with contestant Riah Nelson and Lisa telling him "f**k you, I’m done"), the couple are still together. (Fans will also remember the two actually exiting the show early due to Lisa finding out she was pregnant.)

Speaking to People about the whole event - including the pregnancy revelation - Lisa expressed that she doesn't have "any regrets in regards to how it worked out." Especially in terms of the baby.

"That has been an amazing journey in itself," she said.

"Of course, I have regrets of how certain things unfolded... just my reaction in regards to the cocktail party and how that unfolded. Obviously that is the only regret I have," she added.

Right now, there are no other details surrounding their relationship, and we still don't know whether they're engaged or married. Looking at both their Instagram accounts it's hard to gather a picture of their relationship either, as neither has featured each other on their grids.

Lisa did take to the gram yesterday though to post about the show, and captioned a snap of her and Brian: "I put my heart on the line…was it worth it?? The Ultimatum: Marry or Move Season 2 is now on Netflix."

Is Lisa still pregnant?

Well, if you do the maths (considering the show was shot from September to November 2022) Lisa should definitely have given birth by now. But while she has zero pregnancy or baby pictures on her grid (bar yesterday's post that cryptically reads: "Where’s the baby Lisaaaaaa?? 😂😂" alongside a snap of her clearly not pregnant), Brian actually alluded to the fact that the two were already parents in their recent People interview.

"And as parents, I think it gives us a little bit more of the softness that we need. Even though a lot of people don't see that, we have a really great friendship and just relationship as a whole," he said.

OK then, baby pics please...

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