Undeterred By Deadly Attack, New Yorkers Celebrate Halloween In Style

NEW YORK CITY — Hours after a suspected terroristdrove a truck into a crowded bike path in lower Manhattan, killing at least eight people and injuring 11 more, New Yorkers — young and old — poured into city streets to celebrate Halloween in a defiant stand against violence and fear. 

The annual Halloween parade in Greenwich Village went on as planned but with a dramatic increase in security. Among those joining the march were New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Inan interviewwith CNN, Cuomo spoke of the city’s resilience and said he encouraged residents to join in the holiday fun.

“Tonight we are at a Halloween parade to say, ’You didn’t win. And you didn’t affect us,” Cuomo told CNN. “We’re out and we’re celebrating and we’re doing what New Yorkers do. And we’re living our lives, because we’re not going to let the terrorists win. Period.”

The parade, which took place just blocks from the attack site, drew thousands of costumed marchers. Jessica Crawford, a 22-year-old native New Yorker, said she joined the festivities as a way to protest the senseless violence.

“We’re not afraid, “ Crawford told HuffPost. “Of course it’s a terrible, terrible tragedy, but this is a way to stand up against people trying to make us live in fear.”

Tiger Kandel, who owns a craft store in the Bronx, donned a homemade puppet costume. She said she came to blow off some steam and dance with her friend.

“It’s been a tough year, both as being American and personally,” said Kandel, 46. “It felt like a good time to be with people.”

Here are more photos, videos and reactions to Tuesday night’s Halloween festivities in New York City.

NYPD officers stand guard during the Halloween parade hours after a man driving a rental truck struck and killed eight people in lower Manhattan.
The annual Halloween parade in Greenwich Village brought more of a police presence. The mayor and governor were there, too, in a show of defiance against fear.
Kids in Halloween costumes cross the street near the scene where eight people were killed earlier in the day in a suspected terrorist attack in lower Manhattan.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.