Unstoppable Pups with Prostheses Are the Adorable Superstars of the New Apple Campaign

Apple's new "The Invincibles" campaign celebrates dogs on the move thanks to 3DPets and the iPhone 14 Pro

Get ready for "The Invincibles!"

While it may sound like the title for the next superhero squad, "The Invincibles" is actually the name of Apple's new iPhone campaign.

The stars of this new campaign aren't caped humans but adorable dogs with prostheses. That's because the iPhone played a role in getting these pups back on their paws.

The canines in "The Invincibles" are all happy clients of 3DPets, a company based in Boonton, New Jersey, that provides custom mobility devices for animals. 3DPets process for making custom prostheses includes using the TrueDepth and LiDAR cameras on iPhone to create a 3D scan of each animal client. 3DPets then uses computer software to construct 3D molds and provide prosthetic devices catered to each pet based on their scans.

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"The Invincibles" — shot on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max — has a cast of amazing pooches, including Trip and Cleo. Trip is the beloved canine of Lydia Mindek, 3DPets' director of operations, and is considered the mascot of the company. The proud owner of a front full limb prosthesis, Trip was one of 3DPets' first clients and helped the manufacturer shape its development process.

<p>Leeor Wild</p> Summer the dog running in Apple's The Invincibles campaign

Leeor Wild

Summer the dog running in Apple's The Invincibles campaign

"I couldn't take Trip on hikes or walks before he got his prosthesis. And now he comes with me everywhere. He's always wearing his device. His longest hike was three miles on rocky terrain through the woods to a waterfall. And it was probably one of the most emotional moments in my life, not only because the hike was grueling but because I never thought that he would be able to do that with us," Mindek tells PEOPLE of how Trip's prosthesis has changed their lives.

Trip's inspiring mobility is on display in "The Invincibles," where the dog can be seen enjoying the outdoors and beaming up toward the camera as he bounds around on his own.

"Seeing pets regain their mobility and the difference it makes in their lives, there's no more rewarding feeling," Mindek says of the work of 3DPets.

<p>Leeor Wild</p> Trip the dog, one of the canine stars of Apple's The Invincibles campaign

Leeor Wild

Trip the dog, one of the canine stars of Apple's The Invincibles campaign

Cleo is another one of the dogs to benefit from the services that 3DPets and iPhone provide. She was rescued from the side of an Oklahoma road after being hit by a car. The injuries from the accident resulted in Cleo losing her front leg.

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The dog's happy-go-lucky attitude, despite her setbacks, inspired biomedical engineering student Jordan Rosenfeld to adopt Cleo.

"I have to make her life amazing. I got to work on prosthetics for her. She deserves it," Rosenfeld recalls thinking after meeting the dog for the first time.

<p>Leeor Wild</p> Cleo the dog in Apple's The Invincibles campaign

Leeor Wild

Cleo the dog in Apple's The Invincibles campaign

After completing school, Rosenfeld dedicated about two years to researching dog prostheses so he could make the perfect piece for Cleo, a quest that led Rosenfeld to 3D Pets. Cleo's dog dad did freelance work for 3DPets before helping to create his canine's prosthesis.

Once Cleo was fitted to her custom prosthesis, Rosenfeld devoted himself to helping Cleo regain her mobility. Today, the pup is a spirited, active pet, like the other canines in "The Invincibles."

"I finally get to see Cleopatra and all these other dogs smiling again. They're not struggling throughout their daily lives. They're not rolling around on the floor anymore. They're running around with a smile on, their tongues are hanging out, and they're playing with their toys again," Rosenfeld says.

<p>Leeor Wild</p> Samson the dog in Apple's The Invincibles campaign

Leeor Wild

Samson the dog in Apple's The Invincibles campaign

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Animal lovers can see the difference a pet prosthesis can make, and celebrate August 26th's National Dog Day, by enjoying Apple's "The Invincibles" campaign. To learn more about the prostheses behind the campaign and how to get one for your pet, visit 3DPets' website.

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