Uri Geller warns Vladimir Putin he'll use 'mind power' to deflect nuclear attack

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Uri Geller has warned Vladimir Putin he'll use "every last molecule” of his mind power to prevent a nuclear attack on the UK.
The spoon-bending psychic has penned a stern open letter to the Russian President - who ordered an ongoing military invasion of Ukraine back in February - and told the tyrant if he resorts to nuclear weapons, "your missiles will backfire on you".
He wrote: “I am issuing this statement as a serious warning to you:
“If you resort to the use of Nuclear Weapons your plans and your missiles will backfire on you!
“I will use every last molecule of my Mind Power to prevent you from launching a nuclear attack!”
The 75-year-old illusionist, who resides in Scotland, implored all the "peace-loving people" on the planet to imagine a "golden shield in the sky" that will "deflect" nuclear attacks.
He went on: “And I am calling on all the wonderful, peace-loving people of the world to join me.
“Please stop what you are doing right now and just take five seconds out of your day to visualise a radiant, energetic force field - like a dazzling, golden shield in the sky - that will deflect and turn back any nuclear warheads that Putin attempts to deploy!”
He also asked everyone to help by using their own mind power to form a resistance like something straight out of a Marvel movie.
He added in the bizarre address to Putin: “As well as harnessing this immense energy of all our combined Mind Power there are also forces far, far greater than you can imagine that I am sure will intervene to prevent you from starting a nuclear war.
“They are watching and waiting and they will STOP you.
“Do not contemplate this dire course of action.
“Please take heed: if you proceed it is Russia and its people who will suffer the most.
“Your mission control computers will crash, your navigation systems will fail and your missiles will malfunction!
“You have been warned.”

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