US expects Ukraine to withstand Russia’s May offensive — report

Ukraine will be able to hold its lines from breaking despite Russian attempts to make territorial gains by May 9, The New York Times reported on May 3, citing unnamed U.S. officials.

According to the report, a confidential U.S. military assessment concluded that the Russians are trying to achieve "minor successes" ahead of the May 9 VE celebrations in Moscow.

The analysis indicates that the Ukrainian front will not collapse, despite persistent Russian artillery and aviation advantage.

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Other U.S. sources said that Russia probably lacks forces for a large-scale offensive by May 9. For such an advance, the Russians would need to significantly build up their reserves, which has not been observed so far.

Meanwhile, U.S. government analysts expect that with new weapons from Western allies, Ukraine might stabilize the front as early as this summer or, in the worst case, by the end of the year.

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