US woman roasted over baffling questions about Australia

The American's confusion has left Aussies in hysterics.

An American woman who simply can't wrap her head around the way Australian seasons occur at opposite times of the year to the US has left Aussies shaking their heads in disbelief.

The perplexed TikToker's video on the topic has sparked hilarious reactions as viewers try to help her understand the concept of the Southern Hemisphere's seasonal cycle.

Explaining that she recently discovered August falls during winter in Australia, Jenna Lu expressed her confusion about the implications for the names of months, holidays and even fruits Down Under.

US woman Jenna Lu explaining her confusion about how seasons work in Australia
A US woman has shared her absolute confusion about how the Australian seasons work. Source: TikTok/itsjennalu

"I need somebody from Australia to explain this to me because I genuinely don't understand how this works," Ms Lu admitted. She also noted that despite how "stupid" it might sound, she believes many fellow Americans share her bewilderment.

'Do you still call it August?'

"For me, I think of June-July-August as summer months," she said, "so I'm just confused because do you, first of all, still call it August and, second of all, is August – if you do call it that – a winter month for you?"

The comments section ran the gamut from viewers earnestly attempting to educate Ms Lu on the workings of the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere (and even reminding her that the Southern Hemisphere exists at all), to lighthearted ribbing over her lack of geographical awareness.

"Girly, not just Australia, THE ENTIRE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE," one viewer declared. Another chimed in, "Why would we not call the month August, August? LMFAOOOO."

US woman Jenna Lu explaining her confusion about how seasons work in Australia
Ms Lu drew a picture to explain how she understands Australia's seasons, and invited Australians to correct her. Source: TikTok/@itsjennalu

Halloween mystery

Ms Lu continued with a series of questions about how Australia's transition to spring corresponds to America's shift into autumn, and their respective holidays. "As we go into fall, are you guys going into fall too or are you actually going into spring? Would you say Halloween is a spring holiday? Are you guys going to be dressing in spring florals during the fall?"

Wanting to understand how Australia celebrates Halloween if it's in spring time, Ms Lu explained that in the US, pumpkins and apples are part of American festivities due to their seasonal availability. "So do you guys not have pumpkins at Halloween?" she asked.

'Santa in a swimsuit?'

Ms Lu's curiosity extended to how the Australian summer influences Christmas traditions. "When you guys have Christmas, does all your marketing stuff have Santa Claus dressed in a swimsuit? Because for us Santa Claus is wearing winter clothes because it's winter here. And do you guys still have traditional Christmas food that's for winter time? Like, hot chocolate? Or no?"

Viewers happily enlightened Ms Lu about the difference in Australia's festive cuisine. "Our traditional Christmas food is very summery. Lots of seafood, prawns, pavlova, beers, BBQs," someone explained.

Aussies blown away

Summing up her video, Ms Lu confessed, "Every time I think about this my brain just wants to die because it's so confusing to me, because everything seems like it would be backwards for you guys."

"Wait until she finds out we're in the future," someone responded, followed by another viewer who laughed, "Yeah, time zones are gonna blow her mind." Stunned by Ms Lu's apparent lack of geography education, someone else asked, "Does America have schooling?"

Ultimately, one Aussie summed up the country's weather pattern by joking, "We don't have seasons it's just permanent chaos and fires and floods. Hope this helps."

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