Usain Bolt on potential race with Tyreek Hill: 'If he's really serious, we can figure it out'

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The biggest "will they or won't they" in the NFL took another step in the right direction Saturday. After months of trash talk, Usian Bolt finally threw down the gauntlet to Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill, saying if Hill really wants to race, "We can figure it out," according to TMZ.

That's the closest to a real challenge from either athlete since this "feud" started. Prior to Saturday, Bolt and Hill have mostly exchanged trash talk and posturing. They've taunted each other and teased a potential race, but there's never been an official challenge from either man. 

Bolt wasn't willing to go that far in August, telling the Dan Patrick Show he "might show up" if Hill kept talking. 

Hill responded to Bolt's statement with ... more trash talk.

Hill's response doesn't shed any light on the situation. Is Hill willing to put up his Super Bowl ring? Does Hill actually want to race? Are we just going to listen to months of trash talk with zero payoff? 

Usain Bolt needs time to prep for race against Tyreek Hill

If the race is actually going to happen, Bolt would need time to prep. Bolt retired from competitive sprinting in 2017. Due to that, Bolt, 35, said he would need time to get in shape for a race against Hill. Bolt made similar comments on the Dan Patrick Show in August.

There's also debate over how far the two will run. Bolt would prefer to go 70 yards, though he believes he could beat Hill in a 40-yard dash. Hill has talked about racing Bolt in a 40-yard dash, but Hill has not discussed whether he would agree to a 70-yard dash.

Should a race actually happen, Bolt should have plenty of time to prepare. With the NFL season starting soon, Hill's schedule is full for the next few months.

Usian Bolt could take on Tyreek Hill in a race. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)
Usian Bolt could take on Tyreek Hill in a race. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)
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