Vanessa Paradis supports Johnny Depp

Vanessa Paradis has spoken out in support of her ex Johnny Depp.

The 47-year-old actress - who has Lily-Rose, 20, and Jack, whose real name is John Christopher Depp III, 17, with the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star - praised Johnny for always being so "kind, attentive and generous".

Writing to support his defamation case against ex Amber Heard, she shared: "I work as a musician, singer-songwriter, actress, and fashion model. I have known Johnny Depp for more than 25 years. We've been partners for 14 years and we raised our two children together. Through all these years I've known Johnny to be a kind, attentive, generous, and non-violent person and father. On movie sets the actors, directors and entire crews adore him because he is humble and respectful to everyone, as well as being one of the best actors we've seen. I am aware of the allegations which Amber Heard has publicly accused Johnny of for more than four years now. This is nothing like the true Johnny I have known, and from my personal experience of many years, I can say he was never violent or abusive to me."

And Vanessa admits the whole thing has been "so upsetting".

Vanessa added: "I have seen that these outrageous statements have been really distressing, and also caused damage to his career because unfortunately, people have gone on believing these false facts. This is so upsetting as he has helped so many persons in his personal and professional life, with kindness and generosity."

Johnny is suing his ex-wife for $50 million over a piece she wrote for the Washington Post about being a victim of domestic violence, arguing it was strongly inferred he was the perpetrator, even though he wasn't named in the article.