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Business Challenge:

A leading Vegan food company based out of Central America witnessed stagnating growth and increasing losses at most outlets. Furthermore, due to the company’s saturated network and weak value proposition, growth from new store openings or entering new geographies was an unviable option. With Infiniti’s custom market research solution, they wanted to identify changes that they could incorporate in their current operations in order to promote more sales and enhance growth. The vegan food company was also facing increasing challenges from aggressive new entrants that threatened their market position.

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Business Outcome:

By building on the data gathered through Infiniti’s custom market research solution, the vegan food retailer was able to pilot and define new store concepts with clear and well-targeted customer value propositions. This included redesigning the retailer’s commercial offer and incorporating relevant outlet features such as store design and service levels. The new store format helped the client to capture greater value from customers and enhance sales by 40% within 7 months.

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