The very surprising TV show the Royal Family actually 'love' to watch

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Despite plenty of whispers (read: loud shouts) about how much the Royal Family dislikes Netflix's hit TV series, The Crown, it turns out this might not actually be the case.

According to Royal expert Ken Wharfe, who served as Princess Diana's protection officer for several years and authored Diana – Closely Guarded Secret, the Royal Family rather enjoy watching fictionalised dramas about their lives. That includes The Crown, and the newly-released Princess Diana biopic, Spencer, which stars Kristen Stewart as Lady Di herself.

"The royals love that stuff," Wharfe told OK!, "They will watch it and they have no fear of that. They’re watching it to see how true it is or how untrue it is."

If, like the Royal Family, you too enjoy shows including The Crown, Wharfe says it's important to remember these are fictionalised dramas, rather than 100% factual documentaries. "Peter Morgan [creator of The Crown] has said himself that this isn’t a documentary of truthful facts. Some of it is truthful and some of it has a license to draw people in," the former royal staffer pointed out.

"I thought that Emma Corrin's portrayal of Diana was brilliant. There wasn’t a great physical likeness, but she mastered the mannerisms, her walk and her speech," he said, before jokingly adding: "But one thing's for certain, Diana didn’t roller skate around Buckingham Palace."

So, which Royals in particular find themselves tuning into the hit show? According to The Express, Sophie the Countess of Wessex introduced the Queen herself to the series, while Prince Harry admitted to James Corden on the Late Late Show that he's watched it too.

Speaking to the Gavin & Stacey star, Harry said: "They don't pretend to be news. It's fictional, but it's loosely based on the truth. Of course, it's not strictly accurate… But it gives you a rough idea about what that lifestyle—the pressures of putting duty and service above family and everything else—what can come from that."

News that the Royal Family might not be as anti-The Crown as we once thought comes just a few weeks after reports that they'd been given the go ahead to take legal action against the show.

According to an insider who spoke to The Sun, members of the Monarchy's inner circle had been in contact with law firms to find out what their legal rights are if the upcoming fifth season of the Netflix series damages their reputations. As well as that, The Sun reported that the royals themselves would have grounds for lawsuits too.

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