Vice Explores Whether Donald Trump Would Even Be Good At 3D Chess

ThroughoutDonald Trump’sstumble to the presidency, people in the media continuously floated this idea that his outrageous comments — ones that would have sunk any other campaign — were an example of Trump playing “three-dimensional chess” with us. 

The theory was that while we were evaluating him by our outdated, limited set of rules,he was playing a much larger, more complex political game beyond our tiny brains’ grasp.


The fine people atVice Newswanted to see just how advanced 3D chess is, its connection to the “Star Trek” universe, and whether President Trump would even be any good at it.

Well — spoiler alert — since creating insulting nicknames for your opponent doesn’t improve your chances in the game, the answer is no. 

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.