Victoria Beckham thanks David Beckham for 'support'

Victoria Beckham has heaped praise on her "incredible husband" David Beckham for his "support".

The 44-year-old fashion designer - who has kids Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 13, and six-year-old Harper with the 43-year-old retired footballer - would have found it "very difficult" to forge such a successful career without his help, and she is grateful he has "encouraged" her to follow her dreams.

Speaking at the Forbes Women's Summit in New York on Tuesday (19.06.18) - where she asked the 300 attendees to refrain from snapping pictures of her during the sit-down discussion - Victoria said: "I'm so lucky that I have the support of an incredible husband.

"He has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and passion. If it wasn't for him supporting me, at home as well, it would be very difficult.

"We really are equal in everything we do at home with the children. He makes it possible.

"He's at home making the school run, cooking the dinner, doing the homework with the kids.

"He's the most fantastic husband and dad. When I'm home, I do that as well. It's about being partners."

The Spice Girl-turned-designer finds it "hard" to leave her work in the office at times, and has been known to hide in her bathroom at home on a weekend just so she can send some sneaky emails.

She said: "I have to remind myself, when I come home, 'Put the phone down. It's OK to not answer e-mails until the morning. Spend quality time with your children and David.'

"It's really about getting that balance and just constantly checking in with yourself.

"I've been known to hide in the bathroom during the weekend to just send a little email, but I'm trying."

While Victoria is keen to be the "best mum" she can be, the 'Wannabe' hitmaker is also attempting to be the "best professional", but admits the work-life juggling act is "not easy".

She said: "Like most women, I beat myself up. I'm trying most importantly to be the best mum that I can. But I'm also trying to be the best wife and the best professional.

"It is a juggling act and it's not easy. Looking around, there are plenty of women who are in the same position as me.

"I'm trying and it's hard."