Victoria’s Secret has added six black models to its annual fashion show

Gabriela Herstik
Victoria’s Secret has added six black models to its annual fashion show

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is more than a fashion show. It’s a celebrated event. Whether you’re watching solo with some ice cream (no judgement, we’ve been there) or with a group of your favorite gal pals, it doesn’t matter. The fashion show helps inspire us, not to mention helps to inspire our lingerie drawer. And this year, we’re more excited than ever to watch the catwalk because the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has added six black models to its annual lineup, for what may just be its most diverse show yet.

Last week, the brand announced that they’d be including seven Asian models in their lineup, and we were crossing our fingers that they’d include even more women of color in the show. Now, it looks like our dreams have come true because the brand has cast 17 newcomers in this year’s presentation while focusing on the importance of inclusivity. The lineup includes Aiden Curtiss, the daughter of a Yves Saint Laurent muse; Alexia Morais, the face of the Victoria’s Secret Pink line; Mayowa Nicholas, who’s been the face of Calvin Klein underwear; and more.

While these ladies may be newcomers when it comes to this particular show, they’re not new to modeling. But truly — isn’t this fashion show different from all other fashion shows? It’s when we get to see angels being born!

Needless to say, we’re so excited to see these women kill it on the runway during an experience that’s sure to be unforgettable.

Plus, thanks to a special collaboration with Balmain, this fashion show is sure to be one for the books.