1. 0:40

    Weather conditions hamper search and rescue.

  2. 1:11

    Toronto's controversial Mayor Rob Ford officially launched his campaign for re-election on Thursday...

  3. 0:56

    Riot police in Venezuela fire tear gas on student protesters out on the streets of Caracas as...

  4. 0:39

    A three-judge appellate panel in Denver heard oral arguments in a lawsuit that seeks to overturn...

  5. 1:12

    In the town of Boda in the Central African Republic, some 14,000 Muslims are living under...

  6. 0:59

    Pope Francis marks Holy Thursday with a service at a rehabilitation center, washing and kissing the...

  7. 1:43

    Searchers focusing on a specific area, submarine goes underwater for a second time.

  8. 2:22

    Jenna Bush tweets, " Welcome to the Best Club in the World-Mamahood id Wonderful."

  9. 1:25

    An electric car that proponents hope will replace horse-drawn carriages in New York City has also...

  10. 1:46

    Extreme cold weather continues to wreak havoc and even drive up food prices.

  11. 3:02

    Rescuers still searching for missing passengers, captain expresses shame for his actions.