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    Portland, Ore. will flush down millions of gallons from the city reservoir after security cameras...

  3. 2:11

    All different clubs at Avon, Indiana, high school joined together to produce a video for a good...

  4. 1:35

    Diane Sawyer reveals the stories people have been buzzing about all week.

  5. 1:55

    Prince George and his stunning parents William and Kate receive a warm welcome in Australia.

  6. 1:17

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Deshchytsia says there is still time for diplomacy ahead of four-party...

  7. 2:42

    Brian Ross investigates U.S. law firms representing passengers' families.

  8. 1:33

    Mother of suspect apologizes for her son, stating a long history of mental illness.

  9. 1:39

    Mid-April snow has us wondering when will it warm up and stop snowing for good.

  10. 4:32

    Desperate text messages from trapped passengers, amazing rescues and survival tips.

  11. 1:34

    After Tuesday night's controlled detonation of a suspicious package near the finish line of the...