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    Continuing their Australia tour, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge try their hand at DJing and...

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    A senior Egyptian police officer was fatally wounded when an explosive device placed under his car...

  3. 1:18

    A teenager who stowed away in the wheel well of an airplane for a five-hour flight from California...

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    "Me at the zoo" has generated more than 14 million views since being uploaded on April 23, 2005.

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    President Barack Obama arrives in Tokyo for the first state visit to Japan by a U.S. president in...

  7. 1:03

    South Korea's navy releases underwater video of search operations those still missing from the...

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    Protests in the Philippines and Japan as Obama begins Asia visit. Paul Chapman reports.

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    The Federal Election Commission will decide if campaigns can accept Bitcoin donations.

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    Here's the latest news for Wednesday, April 23rd: President Obama visits with mudslide victims...

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