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    Highlights of this day in history:Virginia Tech shooting; US's deadliest industrial...

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    An Italian court orders former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to serve a one-year sentence for...

  4. 1:28

    The New York City Police Department has ended a program that once kept tabs on the city's muslim...

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    Sheriff has released unnerving video of a family home with an intruder and a lesson to all.

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    The footage of a person in all black is shown in the vicinity of where a suspicious package was...

  8. 1:03

    Eight year-old Max Vertin has a disease that weakens his muscles, but not his imagination....

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    General Motors' CEO Mary Barra tells auto industry insiders that she is creating a new global...

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    Defense presents new evidence, including Reeva Steenkamp's last handwritten words to Pistorius.

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    Survivors, first responders and heroes reunited after the Boston bombing one year later.