1. 1:27

    U.S. President Obama continues his marathon Asia trip, and Samsung is among the mega firms...

  2. 2:10

    President says he was "very pleased" with dessert.

  3. 1:25

    Highlights of this day in history: Guglielmo Marconi born; America gets it name on world map...

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  5. 2:58

    Amazon and Microsoft topped sales forecasts as both companies matched or exceeded low earnings...

  6. 2:27

    Film depicts how society views the homeless and how they are often overlooked.

  7. 1:06

    Diane Sawyer with the stories people have been buzzing about all week.

  8. 1:52

    Yankee pitcher Michael Pineda caught red-handed cheating, but he's not the first one to do it in...

  9. 2:17

    Warning labels and a ban on sales to minors may be in the near future.

  10. 0:48

    Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday accused Russia of inaction in helping to ease the tense...

  11. 1:20

    Mideast peace talks hit a snag Thursday as Israel pulled out of negotiations amid a reconciliation...