'The View' Panel Goes To Town On Lauren Boebert's 'X-Rated' Hypocrisy-Fest

The five co-hosts of “The View” collectively piled on to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) over her scandalous antics during a recent showing of “Beetlejuice.”

The lawmaker was booted from a Denver theater on Sept. 10 for being disruptive and breaking theater rules. Her campaign initially dismissed criticism and lied about what happened, but later apologized after security footage revealed the extent of her misbehavior at the family-friendly event.

“In defense of Lauren Boebert, who has not gone to a matinee of ‘Beetlejuice,’ gotten a little over-served, starting vaping, gotten a little handsy with someone, gotten dragged out and then flipped the bird to security?” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin cracked.

Boebert told One America News network on Sunday she was a “little too eccentric” at the show and blamed her “animated personality.”

“No, honey, you weren’t eccentric, you were X-rated,” “The View” panelist Ana Navarro said of that exchange.

The talk show aired a montage of Boebert’s past comments attacking LGBTQ+ awareness initiatives and drag shows, complaining about “grooming” children and exposing them to “obscene content.”

“Well, you didn’t mind exposing the pregnant woman to your vape smoke,” moderator Whoopi Goldberg said, referring to a pregnant attendee who was seated behind the lawmaker.

(The woman told The Denver Post she asked Boebert to stop, but the congresswoman said “no.”)

Co-host Sara Haines said that, for her, the lying was the worst part.

“Watching her behavior, if she had come forward and said. ‘I’m going through a rough time, I had a rough night,’ I would have said, ‘I have a lot of grace for you,’” she said. “But you’re a nasty person to a lot of people, so I have no forgiveness for what she did.”

Sunny Hostin referred to a tabloid report that Boebert’s companion is the owner of a gay-friendly bar in Aspen.

“The hypocrisy is so delicious for the Democrats, but it’s so disgusting for the country,” Hostin said.

Watch the pile-on below.