“The View” star Joy Behar thinks Washington Monument looks like a penis

“The View” star Joy Behar thinks Washington Monument looks like a penis

Well, yes.

The View star Joy Behar — who famously met her current husband at a nudist colony — had a particularly phallic point to make from her post at the Hot Topics table.

The 81-year-old comedian turned a fiery criticism of Donald Trump into a dig at one of the United States' political structures in Washington, D.C., when she compared the Washington Monument to a penis during Wednesday morning's live broadcast.

Behar went on a rant against Trump after moderator Whoopi Goldberg cued up a clip of him criticizing Vice President Kamala Harris' laugh, with the former president referring to her as "Laffin' Kamala" at a recent rally.

"All they want to do is retain power and keep him in office. What really ticks me off about him is this 'laffin' Kamala' remark. It's such a sexist remark," Behar said. "Remember they said that about Hillary [Clinton]'s laugh? That she was cackling? Men don't like a funny woman, they're afraid if you laugh or make joke, that maybe you'll do that when they're in bed with you. It's like this fear of women laughing and comedy."

<p>Getty; ABC</p> Washington Monument, Joy Behar

Getty; ABC

Washington Monument, Joy Behar

Behar finished her point with a quip about Trump's statement about the Washington Monument at the same rally, which saw him saying that Americans can't enjoy "beautiful scenes" in our nation's capital without the threat of "getting shot, mugged, raped," he told the crowd.

"What was that reference to the Washington Monument?" Behar asked. "It looks very much like a penis to me. Just saying."

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The moment fell over one year after Behar accused cohost Sunny Hostin of wearing a penis on her dress during a March 2023 broadcast.

"Sunny has a phallus on her dress," Behar said at the time, prompting Hostin to stand up to let the other women decide for themselves.

"It is a flower with a fistula," Hostin replied, motioning her hand up and down the design. "You know flowers, the shiny, waxy, red flowers?"

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