Vintage Fiat 500 that was kept in living room goes on sale

A 1969 Fiat 500L - whose owner stored it in his living room beside the TV - has gone on sale.

The vintage car was imported from Italy and still has its original number plate and picnic basket attached to the rear.

The model ended up in the hands of a classic car collector in the UK but is now on sale for £9,995 at a second-hand showroom in Harlow, Essex.

Showroom owner Rob Holmes said the car had received more attention than a Ferrari 575 that was parked next to it.

"It gets more attention than any other car," he told the BBC.

The 1969 Fiat 500 is 116.9in in length (3m) and 51.1in wide (1.3m).

It has 19,698 miles on the clock.

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